Why Choose Lung Cancer Alternative Treatment Options?

The day you find out that you have cancer can be a very dark day for many reasons. Many people worry about the disease itself, but more people worry about the treatment options. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, all of these treatments can be extremely scary. But these are not your only options. Lung cancer alternative treatment options do exist, and here are a few reasons why you might want to choose this route.

Chemotherapy is known for its ability to destroy cancer cells. Unfortunately, it is also known for killing the other cells in your body. If you have ever seen a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy, you have probably noticed how sick they look. Yes, they are sick because of the cancer, but they are also sick because of the chemotherapy. Cancer does not make your hair fall out, but chemotherapy does. These treatment methods can carry many other side effects then just hair loss. Many people are seeking lung cancer alternative treatment options instead of undergoing chemotherapy.

Lung cancer alternative treatment options may not be as powerful as chemotherapy, but they are much safer and better for your health. Here are a few things that you can do. Of course, before you try any of these options you should make sure to consult your doctor.

A cancer fighting diet. One of the facts about cancer is that it feeds off of sugar. If you want to kill your cancer, you can simply deny it sugar. This means that you have to cut sugars, and carbs out of your diet. Of course, defeating cancer is not this simple. But eating the right foods can be a great benefit to curing your cancer.

ITP is another alternative to chemotherapy. ITP does actually use chemo but it is in doses that are 1/10 the normal dosage. ITP uses insulin to cure cancer. Insulin, which is used to help patients with diabetes, tricks cancer cells into accepting the chemotherapy. Because the insulin can make the cells more susceptible to chemo, much less chemotherapy is needed. This means that you can receive the benefits, without the side effects.

Of course, these are only a few of the lung cancer alternative treatment options that are available. You need to talk to your doctor and do some research to educate yourself about this disease, and all of the treatment options that are available.

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