Vestibular Migraine – Symptoms and Stages of the Vestibular Migraine Headache

There are many people think that migraine is excruciating pain! But the symptoms of migraine are far more than the headache. Normal migraine has four phases (pre headache phase, aura phase, headache phase and post headache phase). Many patients suffer from normal migraine but minority has vestibular migraine. If you go by the international headache society IHS guidelines for the diagnosis and classification if the migraine disease, you will not find vestibular migraine! It is called acephalgic migraine, optical migraine or without headache migraine.

The vestibular migraine symptoms:

This disease starts with the normal stages of the pre headache, Progresses to the aura phase of the migraine after that stops short. It skips the headache (pain phase). If you have vestibular migraine, you have visual disturbance symptoms and other without headache symptoms.

Pre headache phase

It is referred as the migraine prodrome. You enter this stage before recognizing the migraine. It is the waning phase so recognizing it is very important. It has many physical symptoms such as:


2. Food cravings

3. Frequent urination

4. Irritability

5- Neck muscle stiffness

6. Constipation

7. Diarrhea

8. Depression

The aura phase

It is lasting less than 60 minutes. It contains visual symptoms such as: spaces, zigzag lines and flashing lights in front of the eyes.

It has many other symptoms such as:

1. Partial paralysis

2. Partial or blurry vision (sight loss)

3. Tingling or numbness of your face

4. Visual hallucination (wavy lines, spots, flashing bright lights and zigzag lines)

5- Olfactory hallucinations (you may smell odors that are not there)

6- Dizziness

7. Reduced feel or touch or increased feel and touch

8. Auditory hallucinations

9. Confusion in thinking

10. Hearing ability decreasing.

If you have a vestibular migraine, your symptoms stop here.

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