Turn Your Unattractive Belly Into a Flat One With Six Pack Abs

Do you have pot belly? If not, you are lucky:

I am very sure that some of you reading this article here will have a small pot belly. But many others might not have the pot belly but still would want to get the sexier six pack abs. I have always wanted to have one and am on my way to getting one. It required a lot of effort on my part but it worked. I will tell you what worked for me and what will not work for you in this article. If you have got a pot belly, then you need to remember that the abdominal fat is very stubborn. This is the region from where eliminating fat is the hardest. So, you got to be real patient in going through the method of eliminating the stubborn belly fat. Believe me or not, once you have shed the tummy fat, the rest of the process will be easy.

Transform your unattractive belly to a flat and hot six pack abs:

Now coming to the interesting part of the story. Once you have eliminated the tummy fat through diet and aerobic exercises, you have to move onto the abdominal muscle strengthening. This can be done through specific exercise regimen with the use of the exercises like the squats, sit ups and the crunches. You can also make use of the protein supplements in case you are not able to get the best protein diet. But if you want to go the natural way, eat the low fat protein diet so that you are not getting the fat over the mid section again. And do keep in mind that retaining the six pack abs is another story after you achieve your feat. In order to keep the six pack abs visible, you must constantly watch your calorie intake and your cravings for fatty foods.

Source by Shirley Greenwood

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