Trying to Conceive and Failing Can Lead to a Suicide Attempt

If you are having trouble conceiving it is important to know that there is a fairly high risk of a suicide attempt for the partner whose problem(biological or mental) is contributing for the failure to conceive. Pay extra attention if that partner is a woman who hasn’t had any kids yet or if you are trying to conceive after going through a miscarriage, or if you are overweight and trying to conceive.

A lot of people dismiss suicide as a potential threat, because they simply don’t know the severity of the problem and think that it just can’t happen to someone they love. In reality suicide is quite a big threat, more than 1.1 million Americans attempt killing themselves every year in United States. In fact 1 out of 14 Americans will know someone who’ll commit suicide during this year alone. Worldwide the situation is even worse, where there are close to 20 million people trying to kill themselves every single year. To put this in terms easier to visualize, that’s more or less the entire population of Australia attempting to kill themselves every year. So as you can see, suicide is a real threat and should be taken seriously by all people, especially those who are at a higher risk, like couples who are trying to conceive and failing.

Trying to conceive a baby and failing is a risk for suicide because it can lead to major depression in the person in question(especially if they followed all these different tips on trying to conceive and still failed), which can in turn lead to a suicide attempt. Those who have trouble conceiving suffer depression from feeling inadequate…like they can’t fulfill even the smallest obligations to their partner, like they aren’t even a real man or woman.

So if you are trying to conceive and failing make sure to learn all the different suicide warning signs so that you can be there to stop your partner from taking a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you are the person who has the problem conceiving, make sure to provide your partner with a suicide warning signs guide so that they can save your life if you ever go over the edge. Suicide is often an impulse choice, you may not feel suicidal now, but one day you can get so frustrated with your problem that you’ll decide to kill yourself.

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