Top 5 Headache Triggers

Hmm… Headaches. A few people I know are famous for giving me some!

But for those of you who suffer from headaches often, today I will provide some pain relief for you, and you WONT have to spend money or ingest pills.

Speaking of spending money… Did you know that North Americans spend $4 billion/year on off-the-shelf pain relievers? And a quarter of that amount goes towards head-ache relief pills. Isn’t that shocking? No wonder so many people have chemical imbalances and serious health problems. First thing you need do is STOP taking so many drugs. Prevention should be your top priority (which is what we’ll discuss here).

If that doesn’t work, seek natural remedies… not band-aid solutions. A naturopathic doctor is a great start. Drugs have their place, in a time of emergency, but regularly you can seek a more healthier solution to your problem.

OK on with the Top 5 list.

1. Stress: This one should be obvious. Is there anything that stress DOESN’T cause? It’s a repeat offender in many health related cases and headaches are NO exception! If you suffer from stress, then do something about it! Oh and believe me, the ONLY person who can cure stress from your life is YOU. Drugs do not cure stress, they merely change your chemistry and nothing else.

First, find your SOURCE of stress… Then create an action plan to nip that problem at the bud. Don’t dilly-dally around! Stress causes your nerves to get all frayed… Which causes tension. This tension leads to headaches and can also trigger migraines.

Ha, well that’s got to suck! You see there is a reason I don’t get many headaches. Here are some of my favorite cures for stress-related headaches:

” Workout. That’s right, get that behind up and moving! I notice that when I workout I am clam, relaxed and free. All that heavy breathing causes oxygen to rush to my brain and I feel at ease. It’s a proven fact that working out is a great stress reliever.

” Meditate. Yup… I meditate. I can even float while doing so. You might not reach the same level of deep mental connection but still… Take 5 minutes and take deep breaths while thinking about NOTHING. Can you do that? (Hint: it’s MUCH harder than it sounds. Try it… Try thinking about NOTHING. Empty your mind)

” Do something you like. Take some time off; Watch a movie, play a game, spend some time with those that like being around you (god forbid). I like to read books, grab a beer with the boys, do some gymnastics, play a video game or two, write… Etc.

2. Your Eating Habits: This one is simple to understand yet is probably the hardest one to fix since most people do NOT have healthy eating habits. Think about it for a second… If you eat junk, you will FEEL like junk. It doesn’t take doctors, scientists or studies to prove this fact… although they have, just in case you weren’t convinced for some odd reason.

Some foods or ingredients that cause headaches: processed meats, caffeine, red wine, chocolate, citrus fruits, processed cheese, snow peas and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

3. Eye Strain: Let’s accept it, we live in the 21st century. Computers aren’t for science geeks and loners anymore. They are an essential tool in our daily part of life and if you cannot use one… Then I don’t know how you are reading this.

So what’s my point? My point is don’t stop using computers all together but TAKE BREAKS. Were not MEANT to look at a bright screen for hours. In fact, the easiest way to do this is have a timer, every 90 minutes it should go off where you get up and take a 15-20 minute break.

Eye strain is not only from computers though, if you have bad vision and don’t have corrective lenses or glasses… This will cause major headaches. Personally I need contacts to see things in the distance, and if I go for too long without them my head starts to feel wonky because I’m trying just too damn hard to make out what’s happening.

Make sure your vision is corrected properly.

4. Sleep: This one will surprise you. Getting too LITTLE sleep or too MUCH sleep can cause headaches. So basically… Don’t be a moron and run on 3 hours of sleep and don’t be a chump and stay in bed for 14 hours. Stick to your body clock and make sure you get 8-10 hours per night… And STICK TO IT. Even on holidays.

5. Sitting: Yeah… Who woulda guessed? Sitting for too long or being lazy can cause headaches! This is specially true when you are seated for too long in an awkward position (such as an uncomfortable chair). This can cause your muscles to tense up and give you tension headaches.

Fixing this is easy… Get up every now and then and stretch, move around, do a light workout, etc.

If you are at an office, go over to that cute girl at the front desk and strike up a conversation and teach her a small dance move. Go on…she won’t mind.

The point is, do something to get that body moving.

So there you have it… I just saved the folks that buy pain-relievers like candy about $1 billion dollars annually. I’ll gladly accept that as a donation within the next 48 hours. In return I’ll fly you down for a personal coaching session. I think that’s pretty fair.

Also, realize that those tips are ACTIVE steps you would need to take if you suffer from headaches, but what if you took PROPER preventative measures… so that you did not have to deal with those problems  in the first place?

That is why you need to incur a lifestyle that is ALREADY active and naturally healthy and therefore your headache problems will disappear.

Source by Sahil M

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