The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Most of the books I have read on the popular topic of “abs” are generally quite dull and provide a lack of information. They provide the same rehashed information as other books. You never hear about these books though, because they’re just crap. The Truth About Six Pack Abs though is in a completely different league to the other books. The Truth About Six Pack Abs provides a completely unique system for getting the ripped abs that you’ve always wanted. The author Mike Geary is a modern day genius, I completely respect the fact that he came up with a proven and unique system that will have anybody achieving six pack abs in just a few weeks!

For me, my adventure in achieving six pack abs was when my girlfriend commented on other guys’ abs. This left me feeling jealous, envying those with six pack abs. This is when I began to search the Internet for Ab training programs. I came across some crap programs as I said above. But after about 6 months, a friend of mine recommended the book “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”. Only after purchasing the book, did I make some progress in achieving tight and ripped abs.

So you want to know the truth about the book “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”?

The truth is, it works! You only have to look at the testimonials to see the success stories his customers have had since purchasing the book. I think the reason why there is so many success stories isn’t because it’s a unique and proven method. I think it’s because in the book Mike lays out 20 simple exercises that you can do at home, with pictures, with step-by-step guides!

It’s all well and good having a unique and proven method to getting ripped abs, but if you don’t show the people how to do it, most people won’t bother! And this is exactly what the author Mike Geary does. I’d go as far as saying that everyone of his customers has achieved six pack abs.

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