Start With Jogging – How to Lose 3 Pounds a Week

If you would like to lose up to 3 pounds per week there is a simple exercise you can do. Maybe you have heard of it; it’s called jogging. This is one of those simple exercises that is very effective, but a lot of people do not like to do it because of the amount of physical work they have to put in to be able to reap the benefits. If you want to be able to lose weight very quickly then jogging is one of the exercises you will want to consider, and if you do it right you will be able to lose up to 3 pounds per week.

One thing that you will want to do is sit down and take a look at your schedule. You will have to plan out times during the week that you are available to do your jogging exercise. If you have a notebook or planner then make sure to write down the times that you are going to sit aside to jog so that they become a part of your schedule. Otherwise, you will only have a mental note and we all know how effective those can be. In order to be effective you will want to schedule at least 3-5 days per week that you can jog.

Once you have scheduled the times that you are going to go jogging you will want to select a good location to jog in. Make sure that it is a place that you like and have no problem going to a few times per week. There are several parks and walking tracks that you can jog at, so if you are not familiar with any then make sure to take a look around your neighborhood and see which locations are available to you.

When you have a location and have scheduled the times that you are going to jog set yourself a goal of how many pounds you would like to lose. This will help you to have a target to shoot for and will give you something to work toward accomplishing. Make sure that you are not too unrealistic with your goal or you may have a hard time achieving it and give up easily.

By following these steps you will be able to build a good jogging routine that will help you to lose 3 pounds a week. If you are serious about wanting to lose weight and are in a hurry then you will want to get some fast weight loss tips that will help you to be able to lose weight quickly. Jogging is very effective if it is done the right way.

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