Six Pack Abs, Early Morning Cardio and Your Fat Loss

Those people who are on a fat loss program right now and have the objective of trying to get six pack abs are probably starting to wonder if they should be doing some type of early morning cardio on a stomach.

Popular belief is that by doing so, you’ll really help to ramp up the rate of fat loss progress you see, since your body has no calories in the system that it has to burn off.

While early morning cardio can be beneficial in some situations, in others, it’s anything but.

Here’s what you need to know about getting six pack abs and early morning cardio workouts.

Muscle Breakdown

First off, if you are performing early morning cardio on an empty stomach and this cardio is very intense, this is bad news for your body.

In this type of situation, the body is going to turn to using the muscles as fuel, hence you’ll likely wind up losing muscle mass rather than body fat – not what you want.

Secondly, this type of training will only make you feel more fatigue as the day progresses and soon, you won’t have the energy reserves to be putting in good workout sessions.

Moderate Cardio Done On An Empty Stomach

Now, that was intense cardio, if you’re only doing moderate cardio, the situation changes.

Since the body can rely on fat for moderate paced cardio, this will be alright to do if you haven’t eaten.

I wouldn’t really recommend doing a two hour run without food before hand, but thirty minutes if the intensity is lower should not pose to many problems.

The End Results

Finally, it’s important in all of this to keep the end result in mind. When striving to lose fat and get six pack abs, the main goal is to burn off that body fat.

You will do this by burning more calories off than you take in on a regular basis.

When you take in these calories, however, does not particularly matter.

Similarly, when you burn these calories off, doesn’t particularly matter either.

So, you really have to evaluate your situation. If you eat beforehand but are able to put in a more intense cardio session, hence burning off more calories at the end of the day, this will actually translate to better fat loss than if you’d done that moderate paced cardio without eating first.

Always remember that total calories at the end of the day are what matter most. How you arrive at that number isn’t as important.

So, before you wake up tomorrow morning at 5 am and force yourself to do cardio without eating, consider this.

If you absolutely hate doing so and have no problem following a calorie-controlled diet, it really may not be necessary in your quest for six pack abs.

Source by Shannon Clark

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