Sex Moves to Drive Him Crazy – The Top 5 Sexiest Things to Do to Him in Bed Tonight

There are things that your man is dying for you to do to him tonight in the bedroom and you have no idea what they are. There are certain sex moves to drive him crazy that you need to try tonight, or else you just aren’t giving him the maximum pleasure that you can.

You need to learn the top 5 sexiest things to try on him in the bedroom tonight. You need to learn these sex moves to drive him crazy so you can show your man what you are really made of in the bedroom. You can give him out of this world pleasure and you can set your sex life on fire. Make it happen now.

The first thing your man wants is for you to take control. Although men are typically the aggressors in the bedroom and they are the ones that initiate sex, it’s time that you gave him a break and that you started up the fun. The reason he wants you to do this is because he wants to feel desired as well. You know how sexy you feel when he cannot keep his hands off of you and when he is begging for you. Make him feel this way and this will only contribute to the strength and power of his orgasm.

The next sex move to drive him crazy is to tease him with foreplay. You want to build up some sexual tension in his body and to get him craving you. The best way to do this is with foreplay. The more tension and anticipation you create for him, the better the sex will be. Tease and tantalize him until he cannot take it anymore. He wants you to do this to him and he wants it now.

As well, your man wants to watch you make love to him. The third sex move to use on him is to get on top and make love to him. The woman on top position is a dream come true for so many men, as there is nothing sexier than watching a woman thrust her hips and enjoy herself. If you want to really give him a show, arch your back and throw your hair back. These little moves will really turn him on and get him going.

You also want to become more vocal in the bedroom if you want to blow his mind. Don’t be afraid to either use some dirty talk or to moan and groan. He will love the sounds coming from your mouth and it will drive him wild. Plus, it turns him on even more and will make him want to orgasm.

Finally, the sexiest sex move to drive him wild in bed is to have fun. Take a lighthearted approach to sex and it keeps things fun and exciting. The more fun you have, the more laid back you both become and that means you can receive pleasure a lot better.

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