Lose 2 Stone in a Month – How to Lose 30 Pounds in 1 Month

What is the most effective way to lose 2 stone in a month? Calorie shifting of course, as it’s the only diet proven to not suffer from a rebound effect and best of all you will continue to lose weight from this diet even after you stop. There’s no starving, in fact its required that you eat frequently to achieve the greatest results. Find out how to burn 2 stone off in 1 month.

Eating to Lose Weight

It might come as a surprise that eating food is actually the most effective way to lose weight, but its no joke. You see when you eat on a calorie restricted diet your metabolism actually slows down as well, this is all a part of the homeostasis your body is constantly striving for. As a result of this when you stop a low calorie diet you are actually left with a slower metabolism and will find that you have to do more work to build your metabolism back up to a normal level. The opposite is true however if you eat a diet that is just enough every day to trigger your metabolism but varies enough as well to never let your body find its comfort zone you will continually burn off calories by eating.

Calorie Shifting Keeps the Weight Off!

Unlike all other diets, when you finish a calorie shifting program, your metabolism is literally supercharged and will be stimulated any time you eat for weeks following the diet. Oddly enough this is the exact opposite of what happens with most other diets as they will put the pounds back on, calorie shifting will keep them coming off for weeks because of its unique approach to weight loss.

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