How to Lose Weight Fast And Keep it Off!

So many people nowadays seem to be asking the same question "How to lose weight fast?" The reason for this is that we live in a society today, where many people will judge somebody on how they look. So understandably people want to find a fast diet solution so they can stop living with low self esteem, and start living carefree with more confidence.

The problem is there are so many diets out there making all sorts of ridiculous claims, and it's difficult to know what'll work. Well I can tell you what works from my own personal experience and how to lose weight fast!

The first thing to do is set yourself a realistic target, so if you want to lose 10 pounds in a week then change it to two weeks, this will reduce the risk of losing interest due to the fact that your targets were too high and help you to reduce weight.

· Aim to eat between 4 – 6 small meals including snacks daily, this keeps your metabolism moving promoting weight loss.

· Make your breakfast your biggest meal of the day, so that your body has all day to burn off the calories.

· Start your diet by calorie counting and avoiding saturated fats.

· Try eating slower giving your body more chance of getting all the nutrients this helps you to lose weight healthily.

Start eating healthy foods like:

Fruit and vegetables – try to eat 5 portions a day, whole grain cereals, low fat dairy – no fat if possible, poultry – skinless and fish.

Avoid these foods:

All foods with a high sugar content, pastries, pies, chocolate and all deep fried foods.

Remember I have been exactly where you are today, and after many years of research to lose my own weight I can now help you with some killer information that really works!

Source by Wayne Peter Martin

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