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If you feel a nagging pain at the back of your head, difficulty in breathing, and a sudden yet recurring spell of dizziness, you could be suffering from high blood pressure. A diet that is high in saturated and Trans fat, as well as sodium is linked to increased cases of high blood pressure. Smoking and stress also contribute greatly to having above normal blood pressures, and a lifestyle that lacks any sort of physical activity.

One effective and scientifically proven home remedy for high blood pressure is garlic. Eating cloves of garlic has been found to release important blood pressure and cholesterol lowering compounds that are helpful in maintaining better health. This spice can go beyond adding more flavor and kick to your dishes, it offers a host of health benefits as well. Sulfides which are sourced from garlic are responsible for maintaining blood pressure at a decent level. Sulfides come from the compound allicin, which is normally released as the garlic is being crushed or chewed. The selenium compounds on the other hand provide normalizing effects for the blood.

Vitamin C rich fruits like oranges are also very effective in reducing blood pressure levels over the course of several days, specifically two to three days. Another fruit that is rich in Vitamin C is the papaya. This fiber-rich wonder fruit will allow the bodily system to release toxins faster, thus the lighter feeling. Drinking plenty of water also helps in treating increased blood pressure, since it will flush out the toxins including excess salt from the body. It is well known how a high-salt diet promotes higher pressure, and with lots of fluid intake toxins will be eliminated more effectively. Don't forget to exercise and to quit smoking as much as possible. High blood pressure can be controlled and treated naturally without the needless expenditure.

Some other good remedies for hypertension that you can easily make on your own at home are:

1. A well known remedy for hypertension is to eat 2 garlic cloves daily to keep your blood pressure normal and prevent it from going up.

2. Mix honey, milk and garlic and drink up.

3. Green tea is known to be effective in lowering and keeping the blood pressure levels.

4. Daily exercise is very important for the body's wellbeing and can also help with hypertension.

5. Eat a tablespoon of honey every day.

6. Fresh papayas are also very effective. Eat daily.

7. Oatmeal is also a good treatment for hypertension.

8. Water is good for the body and can treat many illnesses. Drink 8-10 cups of water everyday.

Talk to your doctor and decide what is the best treatment for you but with the treatment that the doctor gives you, you should also talk to him about how to live you life better and healthier. Living healthier life meaning: eating right, doing some sport activities, not smoking, not drinking, and just listening to your body and needs.

When you do that and with the right treatment you should really feel the difference.

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