High Blood Pressure (HBP), Hypertension and Holistic Treatment

With more and more people returning to ancient customs and practices such as those of Ayurveda and Chinese herbs, it is no wonder that treatments for a variety of illnesses and ailments have been conceptualized and popularized. High blood pressure is also one of the many ailments that is known to respond to holistic treatments almost as well as, if not better, the response gotten from the administration of conventional methods and medicines.

In this day and age, supposedly the Era of Sciences, people are seen returning to their cultural and traditional roots to find solutions to problems that they believe modernization cannot solve properly or satisfactorily. In this light holistic treatments are become increasingly well accepted, indeed they are slowly becoming more popular than the conventional methods.

The first and foremost method is to bring about a healthy change in diet. Many experiments and research have shown that not only does switching to a healthy and nutritious diet help alleviate the effects of an existing condition of abnormal blood pressure it can also help to prevent blood pressure altogether.

It is also advisable to switch to a vegetarian diet as it has been seen that vegetarians are not prone to hypertension. However if making such a drastic change is not possible, it is definitely necessary to include vegetables and complex carbohydrates as an inherent part of your regular diet.

Vegetarian diets include more of complex carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc and these are all suggested to have a positive effect on blood pressure as well as other cardiovascular conditions.

It is also important to include fiber in your diet as it has been proven that a high-fiber diet can be used to treat hypertension.

Lowering intake of fatty foods is another must. Also, it is important to lessen the intake of sodium that is salt, as this significantly reduces blood pressure.

Cutting down on alcohol as well as nicotine is also compulsory and goes a long way in regulating blood pressure.

Another basic but fundamentally indispensable holistic practice is that of regular exercise and meditation.

A very strict and ordered exercise regime is not needed, even basic exercises can go a long way in reducing stress, channeling energy and making both the mind and body more relaxed and vigorous and healthy.

Getting regular massages is no longer a luxury or an indulgence reserved for the elite. It has become a common and beneficial practice and is known to have numerous advantages on both the body and the mind.

Massages help to relax, reduce tension, increase concentration and also help in improving sleeping patterns. All these changes lead to a positive change in the blood pressure.

Naturopathy, arising out of different strains of holistic and alternate medicines of Indian, Greek origins and Chinese origins is another excellent way for treating hypertension. It is a school of treatment that believes that the body has an ability to heal itself and thus should be allowed to do so. A variety of techniques are used in Naturopathy such as counseling and psychotherapy, herbal medicine, nutritional advice, relaxation training and homeopathy. Another innovative yet simple to understand and appreciate method is the practice of keeping a pet.

It has been observed that pet owners are significantly more relaxed and more pleasant of disposition than other people and are known to be very happy around their pets. Hence, pet therapy can prove to be a good choice both for your enjoyment and for your health, as the two are, after all, interlinked.

Those are only a few strategies of many to help you lower and even successfully take control of your high blood pressure. More simple yet powerful strategies and step-by-step instructions about what to do and how to do it right, you can find in a special report by Samuel Baron “Natural Treatment For Hypertension”.

Source by Samuel Baron

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