Get Foolproof 11 Day Diet – Drop 5 Pounds A Week Successfully

With all the weight loss diet plans available on the internet, one of the best diets to turn your body into a fat burning machine is the foolproof 11-day diet eating plan. For people with slightly higher BMI, you could drop 5 to 7 pounds a week in the first few cycles of the program. This is easily achievable with all the positive feedback from past experiences around the world.

There are a lot of weight loss plans surrounding low calorie diet that claim you can shed the pounds quickly but most of them will either hit a weight loss plateau or suffer weigh-rebound after they have stopped the diet plan. Now, the main call for healthy weight loss is Calorie Shifting Diet.

How Calorie Shifting Diet Burns Fat

Unlike fad diets that aim to restrict the calorie input each day and lower your body’s metabolism, calorie shifting eating method keeps adjusting the body’s calorie intakes and maintains the metabolism always at its peak. That the way how fat is burned throughout the day and night even while you are sleeping.

The 11-day diet works in a unique way. Each cycle consists of 11-day with 3 free days available for you to eat whatever foods you want with no restriction. For each 11-day cycle, your calories intake will vary from day to day. Some days you will consume 1800 calories and some days will be 1300.

What is the main reason why the calorie intakes keep shifting up and down?

This is to prevent the body establish an eating pattern and adjust its metabolism to conserve fat. The calorie shifting diet method is the key to losing fat, not water and muscle. Since the body can’t establish any eating pattern to lower the metabolism, it will keep burning fat throughout the day. That’s why this amazing eating plan is the foolproof method of fat loss.

Calorie Shifting Diet lets you choose your favorite foods so there is no worry about malnutrition. Everything from calories counting and daily menu are taking care of by the online diet generator provided. Every users of this program will get the food menu customizes for them individually depending on your BMI.

You can easily turn your body into a fat burning machine and shed 5 pounds a week without starving while keeping your body’s metabolism at its peak 24 hours a day. Calorie shifting diet is the only way to lose unwanted fat without side effects.

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