Exercise Is Amazing For Optimizing Your Natural Immune Power Every Time You Sweat

Would you agree that very little to zero exercise can compromise your natural immune power?

If so, keep reading …

Well in this article, I'll be breaking down the mechanical and 3 essential benefits – exercise – has on your body's natural immune power.

Now, I'm sure you're aware of the multitude of physical and psychological benefits regular exercise can do for your body; now, you can add your natural immune power to the list.

In fact, experts across the world agree that a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to intestinal exercise every day of the week will trigger beneficial hormonal and immunological reactions.

That can …

Increase blood levels of the stress hormone epinephrine, that'll recruit natural killer cells- a type of white blood cell that'll spring into action before the rest of your natural immune power when your body is under attack.

Also, the epinephrine will call T and B cells that are not active for help.

Did you know that if you continue exercising into your 50's, 60's, 70's, and beyond, you'll be less likely to become disabled, develop infections or chronic illnesses such as heart health issues, blood sugar issues, and certain immune disorders?

Why …?

Because … Exercise helps to maintain healthy bones, joints, and muscles; while improving endurance, flexibility, and energy levels; while, enhancing mood and cognitive function.

Simply put this way – Exercise is essential to your natural immune power as it preserves your muscles as well as your marbles.

Three Benefits to Exercise are:

1. Exercise Fights Fat.

When balanced with a proper diet – regular exercise can help to melt away any unwanted fat cells keeping them off. Studies show that overweight and obesity can beat down your natural immune power …

Also, the more often you lose and regain weight, the more it could affect one of your natural immune power's primary defenders against pathogens.

2. Exercise Prevents Infectious Health Problems.

People who exercise on a regular basis are more likely to boost their natural immune power even during cold and flu season. For example, a study of 150 people on a 12-week walking program found that the walkers used 50% fewer colds and sore throats than the less active group.

In fact, another studied showed that people who walked briskly for 12 to 15 weeks took only half as many sick days as those who were stationary.

3. Exercise Reduces Immune Disorder Risk.

Probably the best benefit of moderate exercise is the boost it gives your natural immune power to be able to protect you against certain immune failures.

In a study of 1806 people tracked over an 11 year period found that those people who were moderately active were 50% less likely to develop immune failures then those who were inactive.

… An even worse look shows that the people who – in addition to their daily moderate exercise – ran, swam, or were physical active at least once a week were 80% less likely to develop immune failures.

For those diagnosed with an immune disorder – exercise – can benefit you both during and after treatment …

Just 1 to 3 hours of exercise per week can reduce recurrence and greatly enhance your natural immune power.

Source by Ime Ntekpere

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