Epicatechin: A Natural Way to Enhance Muscular Strength

Thousands of flavonoids are already identified; they are found in fruits and vegetables and in tea and wine as well. Flavonoids are necessary pigments in plants because they are the plant’s secondary metabolite which is essential in maintaining the plant’s health. Flavonoids are taken in large quantities by animals and humans due to its abundance. A lot of studies are currently being conducted to prove on its positive effects such as having anti-oxidant properties which helps human battle with cancer and other common diseases. Furthermore, these flavonoids are grouped according to their chemical structure and also referred to as polyphenolic compounds. One of these compounds is known for the name of Catechin. Catechin is considered as a potent antioxidant when compared to other polyphenols. In this case, since Epicatechin is a 2R,3R stereo isomer of catechin, it means that Epicatechin can also be considered as a powerful antioxidant. Moreover, Epicatechin which is also called L-Epicatechin can do a lot for the benefits of humans.

Flavonoids like Epicatechin are known to have anti-oxidant properties and have free radicals scavenging ability.According to the results of a study on Epicatechin, the rise of epicatechin contributes to the ability of plasma to scavenge free radicals and constrain lipid peroxidation or destruction. In addition, chocolates which are rich in flavonoid can improve endothelial function.A study suggests that cacao flavonoid epicatechin impedes myostatin and it also strengthens muscles. Epicatechin can be highly found in cacao. Epicatechin, as a flavonoid, has the potential to improve the condition of those people with diabetes for epicatechin causes rise in acetylcholinesterase activity. At the same time, it can be a good supplement for athletes because it is regarded to have anabolic effects and it can boost muscle strength as well.

Other studies also show that epicatechin can improve the heart’s condition. According to the study specifically in India, they found out that people who drank high quantities of cocoa drinks had lower risks of stroke and heart failure. In the study, it is said that Epicatechin causes dilation of the blood vessels by regulating nitric oxide which results to a relaxed muscle. Due to these positive effects, some doctors even regarded epicatechin as vitamins. Epicatechin is also under research if it can be used to aid in fighting sarcopaenia or the loss of muscle strength and muscle mass due to aging. Furthermore, other studies claim that it also has the potential to fight cancer. A lot more researches are being done to discover more on this soon to be popular product. Epicatechin is particularly found in fruits and vegetables like: cocoa or chocolate beans. Epicatechin is highly found in cocoa. Cocoa is considered as the best source of Epicatechin for it contains high levels of this compound.

Large quantities of epicatechin can also be acquired from dark chocolates. When dark chocolates and cocoa are combined and taken in, epicatechin supplementation is unnecessary but products that are low in cocoa don’t replace supplementation. Supplementing cocoa extract or eating dark chocolate is good for it contributes in a better blood flow and improved insulin sensitivity. Grape peel and seeds and teas specifically green tea are a good source of epicatechin. In addition, there are also other forms of compounds which belong to the family of flavonoids aside from Epicatechin; this includes Epicatechin Gallate and Epigallocatechin Gallate. A lot more are still need to be found out and to be proven on this product. Let us wait for further publications of studies and surely epicatechin will never disappoint you.

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