Depression and Suicide – How to Stop Suicidal Thoughts

I know everything about terror, despair … Yes, despair is a word that I use daily – part of my routine. I lead with despair, craziness, depression, suicidal tendencies: all the horrors of human existence.

Nobody likes to talk or think about terror, craziness and despair.

However, they characterize our world. We have to examine them so that we may eliminate their poisonous action.

I discovered a way to eliminate completely craziness from human life. However, nobody likes to admit that they are crazy and actually, nobody believes that this is true.

I have already given you many lessons about this matter in my previous articles. Read them, because all my articles are free lessons.

If you are thinking about committing suicide, you have to block these thoughts because they come from the wild side of your brain, which is violent, immoral and absurd, because it is animal.

You are a violent primate with a very tiny human conscience that makes you somehow human in a few aspects.

I'm only beginning to give you lessons. Keep reading my articles and e-books and you'll learn how to overcome all the problems of your life.

Until now I've written light articles, telling you with a gentle tone that you could be crazy, most people are crazy, our world is characterized by absurdity …

Now that I made this introduction after writing 488 articles until today (I write at least an article per day or more when possible) – I can start showing you the entire truth.

The entire truth my friend is that you are an animal too absurd and ignorant, with many shortcomings. So, you have to do something about that.

I can help you. Follow me and you'll be safe!

You have the guarantee of the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and can cure any mental illness or disease.

Now, about your depression and your intention to commit suicide, you have to block all your suicidal thoughts and start studying everything I'm teaching you.

Start reading my free articles. I have 2 sites and 8 blogs full of articles for you! Be my student and I will show you everything I know. You will love to be my student!

I simply repeat what I learned, with my own words – all this wisdom is not mine: your real teacher is the wisest existential human conscience, which sends you protective and informative dreams everyday, so that you may stop being a primate and become a real human being.

Source by Christina Sponias

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