Chiropractic – How To Avoid Headaches

Almost everyone has experienced a headache at one time or another. Some people get tension or stress headaches. Others get sinus headaches. Still others get migraine headaches and some experience cluster headaches.

I’d like to give you ideas on how to avoid headaches. Or if you’re having headaches, how you can obtain relief.

Generally speaking getting a mild headache a few times a year, while annoying, is usually not serious. However, some people experience a headache a couple times a month, or weekly, or even daily and this is definitely not normal.

Sometimes a headache can be felt in the back of the head just above the neck or in the temple areas, or at the forehead or around the eyes.

Since headaches affect so many people I’d like to give you ideas to reduce the effects of headaches, so that you can have a happier, healthier life.

First, headaches can be caused by stress on our neck. Having poor posture for our head and neck or allowing our head and neck to be in an awkward position for long period of time can contribute to headaches. Make sure to utilize good posture for your head and neck when you’re up and about and, just as equally, when you’re sitting and sleeping.

Second, some headaches are caused by triggers such as food, dehydration, activities or circumstances. Look for certain food and beverages like cheese, chocolate, coffee, and wine to see if they are associated with the onset of your headache. Make sure you drink plenty of water all through the day as dehydration can cause headaches for some of us.

Also see if your headache comes on at certain times of the day. If your headache is present in the morning upon awaking maybe your pillow isn’t giving your neck proper support. If you’re headache comes during the afternoon or evening perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep. Some headaches can be caused by sleep deprivation.

Third, only a small percentage of headaches are due to an underlying disease or injury. A great majority of headaches are caused by irritation of the upper neck muscles and nerves. By removing irritation to the muscles and nerves, many people have found relief and even elimination of their headaches. In our office we have a number of procedures that aimed at this type of help.

If you are having a headache you can apply ice or cold pack applications to the back of your neck. To learn how to properly do this you can visit my previous article: The Chiropractic Answer To- “Should I Use Ice or Heat?

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