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Most people with dreams of having a baby tend to wonder if someday they’ll either have a male or female child. One of the biggest mysteries most parents-to-be try to unveil as they enter into an exhilarating phase of their lives is predicting the sex of their baby. Ultrasounds, which is one of the most common methods used, in predicting the gender of your baby. It could only produce a more reliable and accurate result until the child is between 18 and 26 weeks old. Meanwhile, there is a fantastic ancient method known as the Chinese Gender Chart, that parents can use to determine the sex of the baby prior to conception and at any time during the pregnancy period.

With the Chinese gender chart, it is very possible to predict the sex of your baby accurately. The table has been used for centuries and exhibits about 95% level of accuracy when it comes to determining the baby’s gender. Believed to have been found 700 years ago in a royal tomb in Beijing. This calendar mixes the old-aged Chinese wisdom with modernity age and is regard as one of the most dependable way to determine the sex of a baby. Also referred to as the Chinese Birth Chart, it has been used by countless number of women all over the world to find out their baby’s gender at the point of conception. This method base its result on the date of conception and the age of the mother-to-be.

As part of the highly regarded ancient Chinese wisdom, the Gender Chart varies from conventional medicine in a lot of ways. According to the Chinese Birth Chart, mothers can choose the sex of their baby. Though, modern medicine considers the factor that determines the sex of a baby, is the presence or absence of the Y chromosome from the man. While the Gender Chart believes that a woman is held accountable for predicting the gender of the unborn baby. Recently, this system has been scientifically proven to produce an accurate result. Although it seems easy to use, there are several important steps to follow to ensure the calculation of the baby’s gender made by the mother-to-be is as accurate as possible. A mother needs to take note of the conception date as it plays a significant role in accurately using the Gender Chart. For the fact that the chart on the lunar calendar, one should know that a newborn baby is already a year old. According to this method, the mother’s age, as well as the month of conception, determines the sex of the baby. For instance, an 18-year-old Chinese woman is probably going to give birth to a girl child if she’s to conceive during the 1st or 3rd month. While a 21-year-old Chinese woman has the slightest of chance of giving birth to a baby boy except, she conceives in the first month of the Chinese calendar.

Despite the fact that some people are in doubt, thousands of parents from all around the world who have applied this method and obtained successful results attests to its accuracy. To get such an effective result, it is important you know the rules and learn about the value of the ancient Chinese wisdom. Using the Chinese Birth Calendar helps you to know if you’ll be having a baby boy or girl at different months of conception. It is, therefore, a more reliable and fun way to determine the sex of your unborn child whilst enjoying the remarkable experience of planning a family.

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