Can Heavy Lifting Cause Hemorrhoids?

The causes for hemorrhoids can be broadly divided into two. The first is related to our lifestyle and the second to our eating habits. While the first type is caused by a wrong way of passing stools, lack of water intake and sudden lifting of heavy weights, the second type is caused by an excess intake of fatty or fast food and the inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruits. Certain other causes of hemorrhoids include pregnancy, heredity and aging.

Why Heavy Lifting Causes Hemorrhoids?

Heavy lifting and straining may cause hemorrhoids. Therefore, if your job requires heavy lifting, you must consult a specialist or a trainer about the right techniques of lifting heavy weights. Taking due care while lifting weights can help prevent the development of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids is also precipitated by the sudden lifting of weights. For instance, certain jobs that require pulling of heavy loads puts extra pressure on the veins, causing them to swell. Such heavy lifting is especially harmful for people who are obese or overweight.

Although these are the prominent causes of hemorrhoids, anyone can suffer the condition. To get relief from hemorrhoids, you can opt for either natural or surgical treatment. Many people prefer natural treatment because of their effectiveness and their fewer side effects. Techniques such as applying ice packs or wiping with wet tissues may bring some relief.

Lifting weights at the gym can also cause hemorrhoids, when done incorrectly. Hence, it is recommended that you work out under the guidance of a trainer. Don’t lift weights suddenly and be careful about your posture while lifting.

Here are some tips to prevent hemorrhoid development:

Avoid fast food and excessive alcohol consumption.

Prevent the onset of constipation with the intake of a balanced diet and proper hydration.

Avoid straining your veins and muscles during hard labor or exercise.

Since heavy lifting causes hemorrhoids, you must be careful about maintaining the right posture while lifting weights.

Eat a lot of fibrous food, including vegetables, fruits, peas and beans.

Drink lots of water, at regular intervals to keep your body hydrated.

Do regular exercise under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

Lack of knowledge is perhaps the main culprit in the development of hemorrhoids. So, try to gather as much information as possible on the causes and treatment of hemorrhoids.

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