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It is very alarming that there are quite few people nowadays who are still unaware and not cautious of themselves about the health threat that gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux can bring to a person’s life. Find out today these acid reflux causes and make necessary precautions in handling their symptoms attacks. Who knows you might be the next person at risk of having acid reflux condition. So beware and be aware of its stings:

Esophageal sphincter malfunction. When something is wrong with a person’s esophageal sphincter (a tough rim of muscle surrounding the lower end of the esophagus), it will either relax or gently contract every time food is taken thus less energy is exerted to be able to push the food into the stomach. Since there’s no enough force to make the normal reaction proceed, the stomach acidic contents are backed up into the esophagus which causes burning in the throat, acidic taste in the mouth, heartburn and pain due to acid reflux.

Hiatal Hernia condition. This is a condition among the acid reflux causes that my friend has been dealing with. The tiny hole or opening seen in his diaphragm is where the upper part of the stomach moves up into the chest, causing him difficulties in breathing.

Severe coughing, vomiting, straining, obesity or pregnancy may lead to hiatal hernia but not necessarily acid reflux disease however a person can have them both, resulting to a more critical condition. Pregnancy. During the third trimester period of pregnancy, the baby inside the womb of the mother grows bigger and longer. On this growth stage, the stomach is being pressed by the child resulting to the backing up of the stomach contents into the esophagus thereby becomes one of the acid reflux causes occurring in the last few months of pregnancy.

No medication is recommended in this situation. Only proper and balanced diet is advised. That is eating food little by little in every meal but not to reduce the amount of food desired for nourishment. And upon giving birth to the baby this acid reflux condition will be gone.

Peptic ulcers and insufficient digestive enzymes. Peptic ulcers (inflamed upper gastrointestinal tract that has lesions) and the deficiency of digestive enzymes present in the stomach are among the typical acid reflux causes. Having such condition, the food metabolism during digestion process slows down causing the stomach acids build up that back up into the esophagus.

Asthma. It has become confusing whether asthma is one of the acid reflux causes or the reverse is true. Though among 70 % of patients with asthma also suffer from acid reflux, their co-occurrence has not been given a full and concrete explanation. Either way, one thing is clear; they both affect our health condition.

Lifestyle factors. Smoking, overeating, stress, drinking too much caffeine, alcohol and eating too much salty and fatty food are some of the common lifestyle factors that lead to acid reflux disease. All these lifestyle causes can be prevented through self-discipline and self-control. A person should make a firm decision to abstain from all sorts of bad lifestyle habits and commit to follow a strict diet plan and other healthful rules in life.

Life is precious. There is always no second chance when life has been taken away. It is your responsibility to love yourself by giving utmost care to your health. Remember, health is wealth! Don’t let GERD get you and get all your possessions. Do everything to stay healthy and free from these acid reflux causes.

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