2 Cheap Things You’ll Need To Be Acne Free And It Really Works

I never had pimples before.

However here’s what happened:

I had a skin doctor check me because I was worried about what was happening to my face, I panicked every single day of my life, for 2 months. The doctor asked:

Do you get enough sleep? Yes

Does anyone in your family have pimples/acne? No

Do you have allergies? No

Then she said, there are different types of acne and some of them are Hereditary and the other one is because of Bacteria/Germs.

I explained my part and told her this:

“I am having these pimples on my nose area because I did not know I was using a dirty cloth to take out all the whiteheads poking out of it. I applied too much pressure on my face which resulted to the epidermis being cut. The cuts were not visible but I noticed it had cuts when I had pimples. I know it’s because of that dirty cloth I used on my face, I have pimples right now.”

And then the doctor said:

“I do not think it’s because of that dirty cloth”

Then she started prescribing medicine, creams, soaps that costs P2000-P3000 ($50-$60)

Now, my dear reader, think and know your skin:

If you will have a pimple or two, does the pimple disappear on it’s own after 3-4 days without you doing anything to it?

If yes, then you will not need anything a doctor prescribes, basically, you need not worry.

Does your pimples appear on the same areas of your face? If it’s in the same area where you put on makeup such as blush on’s using brushes, then you better stop putting THAT makeup. I guarantee you that it will make your pimples larger and it will continue opening and scarring until it becomes a permanent scar. It is better to leave your pimples make-up free rather than trying to be confident by covering it with chemicals that makes the condition of the pimples worse.

Now, there are a LOT of cases wherein people actually go to skin doctors to have their pimples treated that ended up crying because the medicines literally irritated their pimples and made it multiply.

Here’s what I needed to have and do to get my skin back. This is what I am doing still as you read this article. This works on all types of skin. It is super safe and you will learn why.

You will need:

1. Cotton Balls (The softest kind, I do not know what brand people use in the US)

2. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath With Vit. A & E (white bottle)

Now, you may say this is expensive! Pricey! Well, it’s not.

It is expensive IF you did not try it yet. (Makes sense?)

People here in my country actually purchase these squirty bottles A LOT because they are effective against pimples. Not to mention, it actually makes your facial skin smooth as you use it for 1 month. 1 squirty bottle can last for 1 and a half month. IF you use it everyday on cleaning your face.

Mine lasted for 2-3 months because the solution is actually concentrated and you just need to squirt a small amount into 1 cotton ball.

It is hypoallergenic. No matter how sensitive your facial skin is, this will not make your pimples worse and it will not irritate it as well.

How to do it:

3 strokes per section on the area where you want to improve. Apply a little pressure (Do not worry, your cotton balls are clean!)

Do this for 2-3 months. Every morning and most importantly, DO NOT SLEEP WITHOUT CLEANING YOUR FACE. NEVER!

Source by Wendy R Elizalde

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